Hallmark Little Gallery & Tender Touches Figurines

The Little Gallery, Made in the U.S.A. line was introduced by Hallmark in the early 1970's. This collection included highly detailed porcelain, pewter and bronze figurines and plates. Hallmark discontinued the line in 1984 and the copyrights were sold to Hudson in cooperation with New England Pewter Company. Many of the figurines were reissued. The only way to distinguish them is by the imprint on the bottom. The originals say "Little Gallery" and the reissues say "Hudson Fine Pewter".

I do not have values of either the Tender Touches or Little Gallery items so I have listed most of them for original box price.

*LE=Limited Edition

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Hallmark Little Gallery

MIB $22
1983 You're Tree-mendous

MDB $9
1984 Best Buddies

Tender Touches

MIB $50
Mice Touch 2001 Artist Signing Exclusive Tender Touches Signed by Ed Seale (LE of 975)

MIB $25
1988 Rabbits At Juice Stand

MIB $25
1990 Bunny Pulling Wagon

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