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*MSDB=Mint In Slightly Damaged Box
*MNB=Mint No Box
*MNT=Mint In Box But Price Tag is Missing

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Hallmark Scooby Ornaments 1999

MIB $15
Scooby Doo Lunch Box

Hallmark Scooby Doo Ornaments 2001

MIB $15
The Mystery Machine Scooby Doo

Hallmark Scooby Doo Ornaments 2002

MIB $14
Decorating Scooby Doo Style

MIB $18
Scooby Doo and Shaggy (movement)

Hallmark Scooby Doo Ornaments 2004

MIB $13
2004 Heads Up Play Scooby Doo Soccer

Hallmark Scooby Doo Ornaments 2005

MIB $18
Speak! Scooby Doo in Shaggy's Van (voice)

Hallmark Scooby Doo Ornaments 2009

MIB $14
Rock Star Scooby Doo

Hallmark Keepsake Scooby Doo Ornaments 2013

MIB $23
Jeepers! It's the Creeper (press button to hear Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the Creeper speak. Move the ornament to see the framed picture change. Battery operated)

Hallmark Scooby Doo Stuffed

MIB $20
Trick or Treatin' Scooby Doo 12 inch I need a Scooby Snack (features sound and motion)

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