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FACT: The Peanuts comic strip first appeared on October 2, 1950 in seven newspapers. Today, it is printed in over 2,600 newspapers and memorabilia is collected worldwide.

All Snoopy and Peanuts items are MINT/MIB unless noted otherwise.

*Limited Edition=LE *Limited Time Edition=LTE *Numbered Edition=NE

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6 Inch Hallmark Peanuts Gallery Porcelain Jointed Figurines

Sally LE

Snoopy Red Baron Flying Ace LE

Hallmark Porcelain Figurines

Joe Sculptor NE Snoopy and Woodstock

Hallmark Pewter Figurines

Five Decades of Charlie Brown LTE

Five Decades of Lucy LTE

Hallmark Peanuts Comic Strips

Peanuts Greeting Cards

Hey, Birthday Boy! In ONE short year you've learned so much-what's fun to watch, what's soft to touch, what's nice to hear, what's good to eat. You're awfully smart-and cute and sweet! Happy First Birthday! Snoopy 6x8 greeting card

Peanuts Lapel Pins

$8 No pin
1976 Reflector Halloween's Here & There's Only 40 Days Til Beethoven's Birthday Linus (Missing pin clasp. Replacement could be glued on)

Peanuts Rubber Stamps

Peanuts Stuffed Plush Toys Dolls

Snoopy 4 inch (removable hook)

Graduation Woodstock 8 inch (top of hat says Way to go!)

Lil Frankenbeagle Snoopy as Frankenstein 8 inch

Lil Spooky Snoopy as a Cute Mummy 8 inch

Misc. Peanuts Items

Lenox Snoopy's Christmas 11x8 Canape Plate Charlie Brown And Snoopy

MIB $43
Lenox Love From Snoopy

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