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Remember the days when we carried our lunch boxes to school and everyone oohed and awed over everyone else's box? You sat down at the lunch table, opened your box, and the trading began. Then one day, you felt you got something special, so you tucked it back into your lunch box for safe keeping, and hauled it home for later consumption. But to your surprise, your parents didn't agree. All you heard was "you should eat your own lunch, not trade it away. What I gave you was much better for you." I think everyone can remember at least one incident involving a childhood lunch box. Then we got a little older and found it was easier to take our lunch in a bag. You could discard it, and didn't have to carry it around the rest of the day. And now, here we are, looking for that Lunch Box again.

*Limited Edition=(LE) *Limited Time Edition=(LTE) *Numbered Edition=(NE)

The Hallmark School Days Lunch Boxes are approximately 6 inches long, 5 inches high, and 3 inches deep. The Hallmark lunch boxes are NEW.

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Hallmark School Days Lunch Boxes

Three Little Pigs LE

1950s Donald Duck NE

The Jetsons LE

Non Hallmark Lunch Boxes

Peanuts #12 MNP

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